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DTE Free Furnace Tune-up Program

With the Energy Efficiency Assistance Program through both DTE & Consumer's Energy, you can get things like: Furnaces, A/Cs & Water Heaters replaced with...

High Energy Efficient Furnaces

High Energy Efficient Water Heaters for Both Gas & Electric

High Energy Efficient Central Air

For all Houses, Condos & Mobile Homes!


My experience was/is - 'over' pleased

Vet furnace program... info came my way via American Legion, AMVETS, DAV, VFW, KCHG, UVCKC. You're receiving this offering/critique because you belong to one (or more) of these organizations (AND... I have your e-mail address!). Thanks to ALL Organizations for forwarding the information and Chief Mike's contact info.

My experience was/is - 'over' pleased.

I do have the furnace inspected/tuned up in odd years; central AC even years. But... for 'free'?? I'd make an exception during this 'even' year. Plus... I wanted to know what the 'up-sell' might be.

Luis and Eddie Tauler, Tauler Heating/Cooling; licensed, insured; Jenison, would be the HVAC Contractor making contact.

Their furnace visit also included replacing/adding insulation to the water heater 'plumbing'; new greener (cleaner?) faucet and shower nozzles and heads; new digi back lit programmable thermostat -FAR easier to program than existing 'mature' programmable thermostat. Yeah... I no longer have to remember which corner of my mouth to hold my tounge when I change programing!

There also was an extra yard 'went' during their visit. Furnace is equipped with AprilAire central humidification. This system has been a nemesis to HVAC Techs from a couple of our area's household name HVAC companies in the past. Occasionally I have a problem with the system. What's the odds I'd be having the problem during their visit? Diagnosed/corrected in certainly less than five minutes.

Furnace checked out just fine, there was no mention of an up-sell and Tauler Heating and Cooling went from an unknown to me to my new HVAC contractor.

Great to be an American -and a Vet to boot. - Rollie B.


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